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WMI Preprints 1974

Locally finite representations,
by J.A. Green

Endomorphisms of a Lebesque space III,
by W. Parry

Conflicting judgements caused by stress,
by E.C. Zeeman

Local contractibility of spaces of homeomorphisms,
by D.B. Gauld

Subnormal, core-free, quasinormal subgroups are solvable,
by F. Gross

Geodesic foliations by circles,
by A.W. Wadsley

Indecomposables in a block with a cyclic defect group,
by R.M. Peacock

Stable probability measures on Rn,
by K. Schmidt

On the cohomology of groups of moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves,
by G. Harder & M.S. Narasimhan

Groups of automorphisms of abelian S1-groups,
by B. Hartley

Topological Markov chains and suspensions,
by W. Parry

Flow equivalence of topological Markov chains,
by W. Parry & D. Sullivan

A note on cocycles of unitary representations,
by W. Parry & K. Schmidt

Fibrations and cofibred pairs,
by P.I. Booth

Fibrations, mapping spaces and generalised cohomology,
by P.I. Booth

Foliations with all leaves compact,
by D.B.A. Epstein

Splitting over nilpotent and hypercentral residuals,
by B. Hartley & M.J. Tomkinson

The simplicial extension theorem,
by B.J. Sanderson

Natural differential operators on Riemannian manifolds and representations of the orthogonal and special orthogonal groups,
by P. Stredder

A variational principle for the pressure of a continuous Z2-action on a compact metric space,
J. Palis & C.C. Pugh, eds. Fifty problems in dynamical systems,
by S.A. Elsanousi

Two applications of the twisted wreath product,
by T.O. Hawkes

On the discrete series representations of the classical groups over finite fields,
by G. Lusztig

Modular subgroups of infinite groups,
by S.E. Stonehewer

Bundles of spectra,
by C.A. Robinson

Ruelle's operator theorem and g-measures,
by P. Walters

The non-existence of certain harmonic maps,
by L. Lemaire

Divisibility of projective modules of finite Chevalley groups by the Steinberg module,
by G. Lusztig

Cohomology and skew products of ergodic transformations,
by K. Schmidt

Extensions of flows and unique ergodicity,
by K. Schmidt

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