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WMI Preprints 1976

On the finiteness of the number of unipotent classes,
by G. Lusztig

A note on Kirby's calculus of links,
by R.A. Fenn & C.P. Rourke

Injective modules over group rings,
by B. Hartley

The socle in group rings,
by B. Hartley & J.S. Richardson

Coxeter orbits and eigenspaces of Frobenius,
by G. Lusztig

Block coding and a zeta function for finite Markov chains,
by W. Parry & R.F. Williams

The definition of higher K-theory, and K4 and the homology of the Steinberg group,
by C.A. Robinson

The geometry of binary quartic forms (part 1),
by I. Stewart

A Künneth theorem for connective K-theory,
by C.A. Robinson

L2 regularity of measurable solutions of a finite difference equation of the circle,
by M.R. Herman

Group rings with non-zero socle,
by J.S. Richardson

Solubility of finite groups admitting a fixed-point-free abelian automorphism group of square-free exponent rs,
by P.J. Rowley

Rings in which every complement right ideal is a direct summand,
by A.W. Chatters & C.R. Hajarnavis

The Artin radical of a Noetherian ring,
by A.W. Chatters, C.R. Hajarnavis & N.C. Norton

Infinitely divisible stochastic differential equations in space-time,
by A. Wulfsohn

Sur le groupe des automorphismes d'une variété symplectique non compacte,
by A. Banyaga

Sous-groupes de Borel contenant un unipotent donne,
by N. Spaltenstein

On holomorphic cross-sections in Teichmüller spaces,
by C.J. Earle

Riesz trace class operators,
by R. Elliott

A dual approach to Cernikov modules,
by B. Hartley

Cocycles and spectra,
by H. Helson & W. Parry

Bifurcations of the forced van der Pol oscillator,
by D.A. Rand & P.J. Holmes

Finite groups. generated by 3-transpositions,
by B. Fisher

Lectures on cocycles on ergodic theory,
by K. Schmidt

Quickly unknotting topological spheres,
by W.R. Brakes

A relativised variational principle for continuous transformations,
by F. Ledrappier & P. Walters

The information cocycle and ´-bounded codes,
by W. Parry

Conflicts and catastrophes in the learning of mathematics,
by D. Tall

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