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WMI Preprints 1977

Intelligent and non-intelligent decision-making,
by E.C. Zeeman

Lie group actions on spaces of finite rank,
by C. Allday & S. Halperin

A topology for the space of foliations,
by D.B.A. Epstein

Stability of compact foliations,
by D.B.A. Epstein & H. Rosenberg

Kneading for the Lorenz attractor,

by D. Rand

On functions whose sums of translates may stay bounded,
by G. Atkinson & K. Schmidt

Leaves without holonomy,
by D.B.A. Epstein, K.C. Millett & D. Tischler

The Jacobson radical of a group ring of a locally solvable group,
by D.S. Passman

The geometry of binary quartic forms II: foliation by cross-ratio,
by T. Poston & I. Stewart

A probabilistic proof of ergodic decomposition,
by K. Schmidt

Rational homotopy and torus actions,
by C. Allday

Self intersections and higher Hopf invariants,
by U. Koschorke & B. Sanderson

On the fibres of a minimal distal extension of a transformation group,
by M. Rees

On spectral properties of skew products over irrational rotations,
by G.W. Riley

Arnold's classification of simple singularities of smooth functions,
by D. Rand

A generalization of a theorem of Hedlund,
by G. Atkinson

On Thom's idea concerning Guggenheim's one-third law in phase transitions,
by J. Komorowski

Irreducible representations of finite classical groups,
by G. Lusztig

The relative étale topology for unbedded subschemes,
by J. Mazur

The Lorenz attractor and a related population model,
by W. Parry

Recursion relations and the asymptotic behavior of the eigenvalues of the Laplacian,
by P.B. Gilkey

Periodic orbits and kneading invariants,
by L. Jonker

Axioms for the pressure of a continuous Zn action on a compact Hausdorff space,
by S.A. Elsanousi

Bonnesen-style isoperimetric inequalities,
by R. Osserman

Construction of invariant sets for Anosov diffeomorphisms,
by S.G. Hancock

Some remarks on the supercuspidal representations of p-adic semisimple groups,

by G. Lusztig

On the structure of minimal distal transformation groups with topological manifolds as phase spaces,
by M. Rees

On Dolbeault cohomology and envelopes of holomorphy,
by M.G. Eastwood

On the reflection representation of a finite Chevalley group,
by G. Lusztig

Non-conjugacy of a minimal distal diffeomorphism of the torus to a C1 skew-product,
by M. Rees

Equilibrium states for ∫-transformations and related transformations,
by P. Walters

A counterexample to the periodic orbit conjecture in codimension 3,
by D.B.A. Epstein & E. Vogt

Some theorems of Hall-Higman type for small primes,
by B. Hartley

Injective modules for group algebras of locally finite groups,
by I.M. Musson

On the pseudo orbit tracing property and its relationship to stability,
by P. Walters

Transformation groups and natural bundles,
by D.B.A. Epstein & W.P. Thurston

On intrinsic ergodicity of piecewise monotonic transformations with positive entropy I,
by F. Hofbauer

Large sets of endomorphisms and of g-measures,
by M.R. Palmer, W. Parry & P. Walters

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