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WMI Preprints 1981

Reaction-diffusion equations define dynamical systems,
by X. Mora

Variational theory in fibre bundles: examples,
by J. Eells

On the generalised Riemann-Hurwitz formula,
by J.F. Glazebrook

On the classification of Markov chains by finite equivalence,
by W. Parry & S. Tuncel

A simply-connected surface of general type with Pg = 0, K2 = 1, due to Rebecca Barlow: notes,
by M. Reid

Fitting catastrophes to observational data,
by I. Stewart

Finite-dimensional attracting manifolds in reaction-diffusion equations,
by X. Mora

On representations associated to the minimal nilpotent coadjoint orbit of SL(3,R),
by J.H. Rawnsley & S. Sternberg

Mildly mixing action of locally compact groups II,
by K. Schmidt

Block-codes and a zeta function for finite Markov chains II,
by W. Parry & S. Tuncel

Dispersion and shock-wave structure,
by J.A. Smoller & R. Shapiro

A conservation law for harmonic maps,
by P. Baird & J. Eells

Martingales in manifolds: an introduction,
by R.W.R. Darling

Gauge actions on 0A,
by D.E. Evans

Minimal models of canonical 3-folds,
by M. Reid

Measures on non-compact manifolds and their equivalence under homeomorphisms,
by R. Berlanga & D.B.A. Epstein

On C2-diffeomorphisms of the circle which are of type III1,
by J. Hawkins & K. Schmidt

A relation between Lyapunov exponents, Hausdorff dimension and entropy,
by A. Manning

On a class of time inhomogeneous nonsingular flows and Schrödinger operators,
by K.R. Parthasarathy

The existence and construction of certain harmonic maps,
by J. Eells & J.C. Wood

Martin boundaries of random walks on Fuchsian groups,
by C. Series

1981 bibliography on catastrophe theory,
by E.C. Zeeman & B. Wetherilt

Harmonic maps with symmetry, harmonic morphisms and deformations of metric,
by P. Baird

Harmonic maps from surfaces to complex projective spaces,
by J. Eells & J.C. Wood

A pair of stochastic dynamical systems which have the same infinitesimal generator, but of which one is strongly complete, and the other is not,
by A. Carverhill

Selected topics in harmonic maps,
by J. Eells & L. Lemaire

Stochastic flows and the Co-diffusion property,
by K.D. Elworthy

On the isomorphism of nonabelian Bernoulli shifts,
by A. Ocneanu

Singular unitary representations and indefinite harmonic theory,
by J. Rawnsley, W. Schmid & J.A. Wolf

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