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WMI Preprints 1982

Twistor spaces,
by N.R. O'Brian & J.H. Rawnsley

On equivariant harmonic maps,
by J. Eells

Limits of stable homotopy and cohomotopy groups,
by J.D.S. Jones & S.A. Wegmann

Universally weakly inner one-parameter automorphism groups of separable C*-algebras: II,
by L.G. Brown & G.A. Elliott

A class of non-trivial harmonic maps from compact Kähler surfaces to S4 and Tn,
by J.F. Glazebrook

Bifurcation and hysteresis varieties for the thermal-chainbranching model II: modal parameter between 0 and 1,
by I. Stewart & A. Woodcock

Bifurcation and hysteresis varieties for the thermal-chainbranching model III: modal parameter greater than 1,
by I. Stewart & A. Woodcock

Localisation, bimodules and injective modules for enveloping algebras of solvable Lie algebras,
by K.A. Brown

The diffusion equation and classical mechanics: an elementary formula,
by K.D. Elworthy & A. Truman

The cross-rated foliation of quartic forms,
by T. Poston & I. Stewart

Flows of stochastical dynamical systems: the functional analytic approach,
by A.P. Carverhill & K.D. Elworthy

Gaps in the spectrum of an almost periodic Schrödinger operator,
by G.A. Elliott

On the rank of horizontal maps,
by J.H. Rawnsley

An information cocycle for groups of non-singular transformations,
by R. Butler & K. Schmidt

Classification and unfolding of sequential bifurcations,
by G. Dangelmayr & I. Stewart

Noether's theorem for harmonic maps,
by J. Rawnsley

Catastrophe theory modelling in psychology,
by I. Stewart & P.L. Peregoy

Bounded cohomology for surface groups,
by R. Brooks & C. Series

Regularity of certain harmonic maps,
by J. Eells

Harmonic maps of Riemann surfaces to complex hyperbolic spaces,
by J.F. Glazebrook

On minimal surfaces with constant Gaussian curvature in a space form,
by J.F. Glazebrook

An analogue of the prime number theorem for closed orbits of shifts of finite type and their suspensions,
by W. Parry

Decomposition of toric morphisms,
by M. Reid

Homologically homogeneous rings,
by K.A. Brown & C.R. Hajarnavis

Decomposition of maximal orders,
by C.R. Hajarnavis & J.C. Robson

Hausdorf dimension for horseshoes,
by H. McCluskey & A.K. Manning

The Kervaire invariant problem,
by M.G. Barratt, J.D.S. Jones & M.E. Mahowald

Natural coefficients and invariants for Markov-shifts,
by W. Parry & K. Schmidt

Generalized twistor spaces and isotropic harmonic maps of Riemann surfaces,
by J.H. Rawnsley

Relations amongst Toda brackets and the Kervaire invariant in dimension 62,
by M.G. Barratt, J.D.S. Jones & M.E. Mahowald

Mpc structures and geometric quantization,
P. Robinson & J. Rawnsley

Heegaard diagrams and homotopy 3-spheres,
by C. Rourke

On recurrence,
by K. Schmidt

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