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WMI Preprints 1984

Bibliography for harmonic maps 1984,
Edited by J Eells

Bimodules over a solvable algebraic Lie algebra,
K.A. Brown & S.P. Smith

On the automorphism group of a nilpoint p-group,
by F. Menegazzo & S.E. Stonehewer

Twistor spaces,
by N.R. O'Brian & J.H. Rawnsley

Asymptotic distribution of closed geodesics,
by M. Pollicott

Morse indices for certain harmonic maps of surfaces,
by M.J. Ferreira

Spectral sheaves: a model cateogy for stable homotopy theory,
by C.A. Robinson

The global homological dimension of the ring of differential operators on a polynomial ring over a field of characteristic p > 0,
by S.P. Smith

Minimal branched immersions into three-manifolds,
by J. Eells

Isotropic harmonic maps to Kähler manifolds and related properties (Ph.D. thesis),
by J.F. Glazebrook

F-structures, f-twistor spaces & harmonic maps,
by J.H. Rawnsley

The semi-classical expansion for a charged partical on a curved space background,
by K.D. Elworthy, A. Truman & K. Watling

Monopole charges for arbitrary compact gauge groups and Higgs fields in any representation,
by P.A. Horváthy & J.H. Rawnsley

The Chebotarov theorem for Galois coverings of axiom A flows,
by W. Parry & M. Pollicott

The geometry of Markoff numbers,
by C. Series

The subnormal join criterion of Williams,
by S.E. Stonehewer

On an automorphic actions of U(n,I) on 0n,
by A.L. Carey & D.E. Evans

Noetherian rings with projective Jacobson radical,
by A.W. Chatters & C.R. Hajarnavis

Twistorial construction of harmonic maps of surfaces into four- manifolds,
by J. Eells & S. Salamon

Symmetry & stability in Taylor-Couette flow,
by M. Golubitsky & I. Stewart

Poisson structures and Lie algebras,
by A. Weinstein

Functors on categories of finite group representations,
by J.A. Green

The non-abelian Bohm-Aharonov effect in geometric quantization,
by P.A. Horváthy & J. Kollár

Survival of grand unified monopoles,
by P.A. Horváthy & J.H. Rawnsley

Meromorphic extensions of generalised zeta functions,
by M. Pollicott

Non-linear functional analysis & harmonic maps,
by F.E. Burstall

A "Markovian" approach to the multiplicative ergodic (Oseledec) theorem for nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems,
by A. Carverhill

Gauge symmetries and the color problem,
by P.A. Horváthy & J.H. Rawnsley

Asymptotically invariant sequences & approximate finiteness,
by V.F.R. Jones & K. Schmidt

Finitary measures for subshifts of finite type and sofic systems,
by B. Kitchens & S. Tuncel

Equivariant universality classes,
by R.S. MacKay

Equivariant harmonic maps,
by J. Rawnsley

Non-linear functional analysis and harmonic maps,
by F.E. Burstall

Closed geodesics on Riemannian manifolds via the heat flow,
by S.K. Ottarsson

Differential operators on the afine and projective lines in characteristic p > 0,
by S.P. Smith

Certain variational principles in Riemannian geometry,
by J. Eells

Heegaard diagrams and homotopy 3-spheres,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

The twistor relationship between the Veronese maps S2 to S4 and CP1 to CP3,
by J.H. Rawnsley

Mpc structures and geometric quantization,
by J.H. Rawnsley & P. Robinson

Characteristic exponents for stochastic flows,
by A.P. Carverhill, M.J. Chappell & K.D. Elworthy, with appendix by K.D. Elworthy & D. Stroock

Stochastic dynamical systems and their Lyapunov exponents,
by K.D. Elworthy

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