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WMI Preprints 1985

Furstenberg's theorem for nonlinear stochastic systems,
by A.P. Carverhill

Lyapunov exponents for a stochastic analogue of the geodesic flow,
by A.P. Carverhill & K.D. Elworthy

Harmonic maps and minimal surface coboundaries,
by K.-C. Chang & J. Eells

Birational pairs according to S. Iitaka,
by D. Dicks

The C*-algebras of the two-dimensional Ising model,
by D.E. Evans

The global homological dimension of the ring of differential operators on a non-singular variety over a field of positive characteristic,
by S.P. Smith

Normal forms for singularities of the tangent developable of a space curve,
by D. Mond

Relative pressure, relative equilibrium states, compensation functions and many-to-one codes between subshifts,
by P. Walters

Unique ergodicity and random matrix products,
by P. Walters

Derivations tangential to compact groups: the nonabelian case,
by O. Bratteli & D.E. Evans

Survey: Lyapunov exponents for stochastic flows on manifolds,
by A.P. Carverhill

Unstable minimal surface coboundaries,
by K.-C. Chang & J. Eells

Bounds for average Lyapunov exponents of gradient stochastic systems,
by M.J. Chappell

Hyperbolic structure preserving isomorphisms of Markov shifts,
by K. Schmidt

On a C*-algebra approach to phase transition in the two-dimensional Ising model. II,
by D.E. Evans & J.T. Lewis

Lectures on orbits of minimal action for area-preserving maps,
by S. MacKay & J. Stark

C*-algebras associated with Denjoy homeomorphisms of the circle,
by I. Putnam, K. Schmidt & C. Skau

The extraordinary derived cateogory,
by C.A. Robinson

The problem of "global colour" in gauge theories,
by P.A. Horváthy & J.H. Rawnsley

James-Hopf invariants and the Hilton-Milnor theorem,
by B.J. Sanderson

Differential operators on commutative algebras,
by S.P. Smith

A twistorial characterization of conformal branched immersions with parallel mean curvature,
by M.J. Ferreira

Cyclic homology and equivariant homology,
by J.D.S. Jones

Twistor methods,
by J. Rawnsley

The Hurwitz constant and diophantine approximation on Hecke groups,
by A. Haas & C. Series

Geometrical Markov coding of geodesics on surfaces of constant negative curvature,
by C. Series

Noetherian rings whose factor rings are orders in Artinian rings,
by E.P. Armendariz & C.R. Hajarnavis

Algebraic linearity for an automorphism of a surface,
by J.S. Birman & C. Series

A formula for the Lyapunov numbers of a stochastic flow application to a perturbation theorem,
by A. Carverhill

Synchronisation of canonical measures for hyperbolic attractors,
by W. Parry

Undergraduate algebraic geometry,
by M. Reid

Differential operators on an affine curve,
by S.P. Smith & J.T. Stafford

On the energy spectrum of harmonic 2-spheres in unitary groups,
by G. Valli

Harmonic spheres in compact Lie groups and holomorphic curves in homogeneous spaces,
by F. Burstall & J. Rawnsley

T-points: a codimension two heteroclinic bifurcation,
by P. Glendenning & C. Sparrow

Hopf bifurcation with dihedral group symmetry: coupled nonlinear oscillators,
by M. Golubitsky & I. Stewart

Flux and differences in action for continuous time Hamiltonian systems,
by R.S. MacKay & J.D. Meiss

A characterisation of homotopy 3-spheres: I,
by E. Rego & C. Rourke

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