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WMI Preprints 1987

Universality and renormalisation in dynamical systems,
by D. Rand

Asymmetric perturbations of Lorenz-like equations,
by P. Glendinning

The extraordinary derived category (1987),
by C.A. Robinson

Travelling wave solutions near isolated double-pulse solitary waves of nerve axon equations,
by P. Glendinning

The Jordan curve theorem for the funnel in a planar semidynamical system,
by K. Ciesielski

The topological characterization of the section of a funnel in a planar semidynamical system,
by K. Ciesielski

Subsidiary bifurcations near bifocal homoclinic orbits,
by P. Glendinning

The recognition problem for equivariant singularities,
by I. Melbourne

Stability of periodic solutions in symmetric Hopf bifurcation,
by I. Stewart

Exact boundary controllability of a hybrid system of elasticity,
by W. Littman & L. Markus

Actions tables for the Fischer group 22,
by J. Moori

by I. Stewart

Endomorphisms of C*-algebras, cross products & duality for compact groups,
by S. Doplicher & J.E. Roberts

Stabilization of a hybrid system of elasticity by feedback boundary damping,
by M. Markus & W. Littman

The noncommutative topology of one-dimensional spaces,
by T.A. Loring

The non-existence of the path-space measure for the Dirac equation in four space-time dimensions,
by T. Zastawniak

Stability of harmonic maps of Kaehler manifolds,
by D. Burns, F. Burstall, P. de Bartolomeis & J.H. Rawnsley

Harmonic 2-spheres,
by J.H. Rawnsley

Automorphisms of compact groups,
by B. Kitchens & K. Schmidt

Singular Euclidean structures on surfaces,
by B.H. Bowditch

The ¬-structure of the green ring of GL(2,Zp) in characteristic p,
by F.M. Kouwenhoven

On the representation theory of the finite groups of Lie type over an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0,
by R.W. Carter

The fixed point theorem in equivariant cohomology,
J.D.S. Jones & S.B. Petrack

Kam theory in configuration space,
by D. Salamon & E. Zehnder

Loop spaces, cyclic homology and the Chern character,
by E. Getzler, J.D.S. Jones & S.B. Petrack

Automorphisms of compact abelian groups and affine varieties,
by K. Schmidt

Another report on harmonic maps,
by J. Eells & L. Lemaire

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