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WMI Preprints 1988

A mechanism for localised turbulence,
by T. Bohr & D. Rand

Turbulent transport and the random occurrence of coherent events,
by A.C. Newell, D.A. Rand & D. Russell

Global phase-space universality, smooth conjugacies and renormalisation. The C1+ε case,
by D. Rand

The singularity spectrum f(å) for cookie-cutters,
by D. Rand

Studies of Schrödinger equations with spin using superanalysis. I. A general scheme of a constructing a fundamental solution,
by A. Inoue & Y. Maeda

Resonance regions for families of torus maps,
by S. Kim, R.S. MacKay & J. Guckenheimer

Geometric aspects of diffusions on manifolds,
by K.D. Elworthy

Fitting ideals and multiple points of analytic mappings,
by D. Mond & R. Pellikaan

Algebraic K-theory of spaces and the Novikov conjecture,
by R.L. Cohen & J.D.S. Jones

Exact results for an approximate renormalisation schemed and some predictions for the breakup of invariant tori,
by R.S. MacKay

Obstruction theory and the strict associativity of Morava K-theories,
by A. Robinson

Stability of maps,
by R.S. MacKay

On asymptotic stability for the Yang-Mills gradient flow,
by H. Kozono & Y. Maeda

Multiple point schemes for corank 1 maps,
by W.L. Marar & D. Mond

Geometrical finiteness for hyperbolic groups,
by B.H. Bowditch

The fixed point theorem in equivariant cohomology,
by J.D.S. Jones & S.B. Petrack

Lowering operators and the Jantzen conjection in type A,
by K.J. Carlin

A criterion for non-existence of invariant tori for Hamiltonian systems,
by R.S. MacKay

Dynamical systems of algebraic origin,
by K. Schmidt

Mixing automorphisms of compact groups and a theorem by Kurt Mahler,
by K. Schmidt

Bivariant cyclic theory,
by J.D.S. Jones & C. Kassel

Fractal boundary for the existence of invariant circles for area-preserving maps: observations and renormalisation explanation,
by J.A. Ketoja & R.S. MacKay

Rotation vectors and entropy for homeomorphisms of the torus isotopic to the identity,
by J. Llibre & R.S. MacKay

A classification of braid types for diffeomorphisms of surfaces of genus zero with topological entropy zero,
by J. Llibre & R.S. MacKay

Rotation sets for maps of tori,
by M. Misiurewicz & K. Ziemian

Morse theory, the Conley index and Floer homology,
by D. Salamon

A note on the variety of projectors,
by C. Musili

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