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WMI Preprints 1990

Chaos on a catastrophe manifold,
by S.T. Gaito & G.P. King

3-mode interactions with 0(2) symmetry and a model for Taylor-Couette flow,
by A. Hill & I. Stewart

Symmetric chaos in systems of three and four forced oscillators,
by P. Ashwin

Quantization of Kähler manifolds II,
by M. Cahen, S. Gutt & J. Rawnsley

Wave equation with stochastic boundary values,
by X. Mao & L. Markus

Heteroclinic cycles in dynamical systems with broken spherical symmetry,
by R. Lauterbach & M. Roberts

The dynamics of n weakly coupled identical oscillators,
by P. Ashwin & J.W. Swift

A Banach manifold structure on the configuration space of the Yang-Mills-Higgs functional,
by S. Dostoglou

Symmetric chaos,
by G. King & I. Stewart

Some remarks on the existence of solutions of the Yang-Mills-Higgs equations,
by S. Dostoglou

A-codimension and the vanishing topology of discriminants,
by J. Damon & D. Mond

Global calculus on Weyl manifolds,
by H. Omori, Y. Maeda & A. Yoshioka

Caustics in time reversible Hamiltonian systems,
by J. Montaldi

Local adaptive Galerkin bases for large dimensional dynamical systems,
by D.S. Broomhead, R. Indik, A.C. Newell & D.A. Rand

Bifurcations on hemispheres,
by M. Field, M. Golubitsky & I. Stewart

At this point in October 1990 a numbering system was introduced...

Prime orbit theorems with multi-dimensional constraints for Axiom A flows,
by Richard Sharp

Gradient estimates for the Poisson equation on complete Riemannian manifolds,
by A. Ratto & M. Rigoli

Representations of braid groups and operators coupled to monopoles,
by R.L. Cohen & J.D.S. Jones

Coupled non-linear oscillators and the symmetries of animal gaits
by J. J. Collins and Ian Stewart.

Lie groups and Teichmüller space,
by N.J. Hitchin

Bifurcations on hemispheres
by Mike Field, Martin Golubitsky and Ian Stewart.

Temporal gauges and the alpha prescription from phase space path integrals,
by M. Lavelle & D. McMullan

Gauge fixing and the no-ghost theorem,
by D. McMullan

A second class formulation of the Bosonic string,
by D. McMullan Nov. 1990

Lyapunov maps, simplicial complexes and the Stone functor,
by J.W. Robbin & D.A. Salamon

Triangulation of compact smooth manifolds and Morse theory,
by M. Pozniak

On representations of Markov chains by random smooth maps,
by A.N. Quas

Ideal arithmetic in affine PI rings,
by A.W. Chatters, C.R. Hajarnavis & T.H. Lenagan

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