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WMI Preprints 2006

Analysis of SPDE's Arising in Path sampling part 11: The non-linear case
by M. Hairer, A.M. Stuart and J. Voss

Parameter Estimation for Multiscale Diffusions
by G.A. Pavliotis and A.M. Stuart

Parameter Estimation for partially observed hypoelliptic diffusions
by Y. Pokern, A.M. Stuart and P. Wiberg

Lines of Minima and Teichmüller Geodesics
by Y-E Choi, C. Series, and K. Rafi

An MCMC method for Diffusion Bridges
by A. Beskos, A.M. Stuart, J. Voss and G. Roberts

Interaction of two charges in a Uniform Magnetic Field II Spatial Problem
by D. Pinheiro and R.S. MacKay

Banach limis on non-perfectness of the group of compactly supported 2diffeomorphisms of the real line
by V. Markovic

Characterisation of Plane Regions that support Quasiconformal Mappings to their domes
by V. Markovic and A Marden

Notes on stochastic reactions networks
by L. Sbano

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