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WMI Preprints 2008

Geometric unfolding of a difference equation
by E. C. Zeeman

The partition of unity meshfree method for solving transport-reaction equations on complex domains: implementation and applications in the life sciences
by Martin Eigel, Erwin George and Markus Kirkilionis

An Eulerian approach to transport and diffusion on evolving implicit surfaces
by Charles Elliott and Gerhard Dziuk

Finite element error estimates for elliptic equations on implicit surfaces
by Klaus Deckelnick, Gerhard Dziuk, Charles Elliott and Claus-Justus Heine

An averaging principle for combined for combined interaction graphs. Part I: Connectivity and applications to genetic switches
Markus Kirkilionis and Luca Sbano

Analysis of a diffuse interface approach to partial differential equations on moving surfaces
by Charles Elliott & Bjorn Stinner

A compact null set containing a differentiability point of every Lipschitz function
by Michael Dore & Olga Maleva

The Maskit embedding of the twice punctured tour
by Caroline Series

Langevin equation for slow degrees of freedom of Hamiltonian systems
RS MacKay

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