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Permanent Staff and their Research Interests

Dr Stefan Adams
Large deviation theory, probability theory, Brownian motions, statistical mechanics, gradient models, multiscale systems

Dr Claude Baesens
Dynamical systems and applications to physics; exponential asymptotics

Professor Keith Ball
Functional Analysis, High-dimensional and Discrete Geometry, Information Theory

Professor Dwight Barkley
Applied and computational mathematics - nonlinear phenomena

Dr Hugo van den Berg
Mathematical biology

Dr Christian Boehning
Algebraic geometry, representation and invariant theory, derived category methods in birational geometry, birational automorphism groups, unramified cohomology and applications of K-theory in birational geometry

Professor Brian Bowditch
Hyperbolic geometry, low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory

Dr Ed Brambley
Aeroacoustics (mathematical modelling and computational theory); mathematical modelling of industrial metal forming; fluid dynamics; applied mathematics

Professor Gavin Brown
Algebraic geometry, especially classification, birational geometry and constructions of varieties (both using computational algebra and not)

Professor Nigel Burroughs
Mathematics applied to cell biology, (biophysical) models of dynamic spatial biological systems, analysis of experimental data using Bayesian model fitting methods (Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms)

Dr Inna (Korchagina) Capdeboscq
Group theory, groups of Lie type, finite simple groups

Dr Colm Connaughton
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, fluid dynamics and turbulence, nonlinear waves, interacting particle systems

Professor John Cremona
Number theory: elliptic curves, modular forms, computational number theory

Dr Andreas Dedner
Numerical analysis and scientific computing, Higher order methods for solving non-linear evolution equations, Generic software design for grid based numerical schemes, Geophysical flows, Radiation magnetohydrodynamics

Dr Louise Dyson
Mathematical modelling of biological systems, especially the epidemiology of neglected tropical diseases and the analysis of biological systems in which noise plays an important role

Professor Charles Elliott
Partial differential equations and their applications: Analysis, Geometric PDEs, Free Boundaries and Interfaces, Biology, Social-sciences, Materials, Finite Elements, Numerical Analysis, Computations

Dr Adam Epstein
Complex analytic dynamics; Riemann surfaces; value-distribution theory

Professor Vassili Gelfreich
Analysis and dynamical systems

Dr Agelos Georgakopoulos
Infinite graphs, and their interactions with other fields of mathematics

Dr Tobias Grafke
Rare events, fluid dynamics and turbulence, large deviation theory, metastability, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, active matter.

Professor John Greenlees
Algebraic topology, homotopy theory, equivariant cohomology theories, derived categories and commutative algebra.

Dr Stefan Grosskinsky
Applied probability, stochastic processes and complex systems, statistical mechanics, large-scale dynamics of stochastic particle systems

Dr Adam Harper
Analytic number theory, and connections with probability and combinatorics

Professor Derek Holt
Group theory, computational algebra

Professor Matthew Keeling
Mathematical modelling of population dynamics, especially infectious diseases and evolution. I am interested in how heterogeneities impact on population dynamics, in particular spatial structure, social networks and stochasticity. I study the following diseases: foot-and-mouth disease, bovine TB, influenza, measles, bubonic plague

Professor Robert Kerr
Partial Differential Equations, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Dr Markus Kirkilionis
Mathematical biology, dynamic network models, complex systems, numerical analysis, pattern formation, physiologically structured Population models, (monotone) dynamical systems

Professor Roman Kotecky
Probability; statistical physics; theory of phase transitions

Dr Oleg Kozlovski
Dynamical systems, ergodic theory, mathematical physics, financial mathematics

Professor Daniel Kral
Extremal combinatorics, structural and algorithmic graph theory, and combinatorial limits

Dr Daan Krammer
Algebra, Braid Groups, Knots

Dr David Loeffler
Modular and automorphic forms, Iwasawa theory, and p-adic analysis

Dr Martin Lotz
Numerical optimization, computational complexity, probabilistic analysis of algorithms, computational geometry and topology, geometric probability and applications to dimension reduction

Professor Vadim Lozin
Graph theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics

Professor Robert MacKay FRS
Dynamical systems theory and applications, complexity science

Dr Diane Maclagan
Combinatorial and computational commutative algebra and algebraic geometry

Dr Andras Mathe
Geometric measure theory, fractal geometry

Professor Ian Melbourne
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems; links with stochastic analysis

Dr Mario Micallef
Partial differential equations; differential geometry

Professor David Mond
Singularity theory, algebraic geometry

Dr Andrea Mondino
Geometric analysis, differential geometry, optimal transport, partial differential equations

Professor Christoph Ortner
Numerical analysis, scientific computing, multi-scale methods, molecular simulation, atomistic materials modelling

Professor Oleg Pikhurko
Extremal combinatorics and graph theory; random structures; algebraic, analytic and probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics.

Professor Mark Pollicott
Thermodynamic Formalism, with applications to geometry, analysis and number theory

Professor David Rand
Mathematical biology, pure and applied dynamical systems

Professor Miles Reid FRS
Algebra and geometry, algebraic geometry, classification of varieties, minimal models of 3-folds and higher dimensional algebraic varieties, singularities of 3-folds and higher dimensional algebraic varieties, orbifolds and their resolution, McKay correspondence

Dr Magnus Richardson
Theoretical neuroscience, quantitative physiology, stochastics, statistics, machine learning

Dr Filip Rindler
PDEs, calculus of variations, geometric measure theory

Professor James Robinson
Partial differential equations in fluid dynamics; embedding properties of finite-dimensional sets; infinite-dimensional dynamical systems

Dr Kat Rock
Dynamic, mechanistic models of vector-borne diseases. ODE, PDE and stochastic model approaches to directly address applied research or policy questions

Professor Jose Rodrigo
Analysis, partial differential equations and theoretical fluid mechanics

Dr Dmitriy Rumynin
Representation theory

Dr Saul Schleimer
Geometric topology, group theory, and computation

Dr Marco Schlichting
Algebraic K-theory and higher Grothendieck-Witt groups of schemes; A^1-Homotopy Theory and Motivic Cohomology; Derived Categories, algebraic topology and algebraic geometry

Professor Richard Sharp
Ergodic theory, dynamical systems, applications to geometry, combinatorial and geometric group theory, quantum chaos and noncommutative geometry

Professor Samir Siksek
Arithmetic Geometry, Rational Points, Modular Curves

Professor John Smillie
Translation surfaces and complex dynamics in higher dimensions

Dr Vedran Sohinger
Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs, Harmonic Analysis, and Quantum many-body problems

Professor Colin Sparrow
Dynamical systems, differential equations, bifurcations, game theory, discrete event systems

Dr James Sprittles
Applied mathematics, computational fluid dynamics, interfacial flows, porous media, rarefied gas flow

Dr Björn Stinner
Modelling of free boundary problems, analysis of nonlinear PDEs, finite element methods

Dr Damiano Testa
Algebraic geometry, number theory

Dr Florian Theil
Partial differential equations, discrete systems

Dr Michael Tildesley
Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases. Modelling of control policies in the presence of partial information. I work on a range of diseases such as avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, rabies and bovine tuberculosis

Professor Peter Topping
Geometric Analysis, Nonlinear PDE, Differential Geometry

Dr. Roger Tribe
Probability, in particular interacting particle systems and stochastic partial differential equations

Dr Daniel Ueltschi
Statistical mechanics, probability theory

Professor Karen Vogtmann
Geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology, cohomology of groups

Dr Sebastian Vollmer
Monte Carlo Methods, Stochastic Gradient Methods, Stochastic Processes

Dr Marie-Therese Wolfram
Partial differential equations, mathematical modeling in socio-economic applications and the life sciences, numerical analysis

Dr David Wood
Dynamical systems, bifurcations with symmetry, applications to biology and industry

Professor Oleg Zaboronski
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of interacting particle systems, random matrices and integrable systems

Dr Weiyi Zhang
Symplectic topology, complex geometry and their interactions