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MMath Continuation Rate

For students registered on the 4 year MMath, it is required that they get a sufficiently high average over the best 90 CATS of maths modules, in recent memory this has been set by the Second Year Exam Board at 65.0 (the Board dos also look at individual cases just below this borderline and takes into account mitigation).

For information, there follows the statistics for progression, non-progression and potential progression to the 3rd year of the MMath for the past two years, noting that although overall numbers increased from one year to the next, the percentages were not that much different.

Academic Year 2017/18

In total we had 269 2nd year students on either the G100 BSc or G103 MMath degrees, at the time of the exam board (who were not allowed to resit as a first attempt for mitigation):

G100 (98 students)

39 achieved a maths average less than 65.0% (when a student took less than 90 CATS of maths modules this is calculated over all the maths modules taken). This represents 40% of this cohort.

59 students achieved a maths average of over 65.0% representing 60% of this cohort (although students who took less than 90 CATS of maths would not be in a position to transfer to the MMath even with this maths average).

G103 (171 students)

53 students acheived a maths average less than 65% and so were transferred by the Exam Board to the G100 BSc degree, representing 31% of those students who were on G103 at the time of the exam board.

118 students acheived a maths average over 65.0% and so were permitted to continue on the MMath, representing 69% of this cohort.