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MSc project allocations 2019/2020

Student Project Supervisors
Jake Thomas Revisiting the multi-armed bandit problem Jeremie Houssineau
Jimmy Mckendirck Modelling spread and control of Lassa Fever in Nigeria Michael Tildesley, Warren Tennant
Daniel Catchpole Multimodal Deep Learning for Behavior Analysis Tanaya Guha, Victor Sanchez
Nayef Shkeir Metastability in Atmospheric Jets Tobias Grafke
Yijie Zhou Trophic analysis of financial networks Robert MacKay, Basil Sansom
Haoran Ni Dimension Reduction for Optimal Transport and Normalizing Flows Martin Lotz
James Price Determining the motion in a skeletal join from the articular surface geometry Shreyas Mandre, Madhusudhan Venkadesan
Jack Bara Community-Informed Gerrymandering Paolo Turrini
Melissa Iacovidou Modelling realistic mosquito biology and behaviour to predict the potential of malaria transmission in Côte d’Ivoire Kat Rock, Erin Gorsich
Setha Usha lal Bayesian analysis and prediction of infectious disease outbreaks based on temporal data Xavier Didelot, Matt Keeling
Abi Coleman Predicting and controlling the invasion of honey-bee pests and diseases Matt Keeling, Giles Budge
Kamran Pentland Drop dynamics in high speed flow Radu Cimpeanu, Ed Brambley
Francesca Basini New approaches to developmental biology: landscapes, information and genetic network design David Rand, James Briscoe
Yiping Zhang Within-host modelling of vaccination and the derived protection Matt Keeling, Nigel Burroughs
David Helekal Bayesian inference of past population dynamics from genomic data Xavier Didelot, Matt Keeling
Adam Smith Kinetochore tracking using machine learning Jonathan Harrison, Nigel Burroughs