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MSc project allocations 2021/2022

Student Project Supervisors
Phoebe Asplin Role of symptom severity on health economic outcomes Ed Hill (Life Sciences) and Matt Keeling
Jack Buckingham Bayesian multi-objective optimization with heterogeneous latencies Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School) and Sebastian Rojas-Gonzalez (Gent)
Yueting Han Promoting social good using social networks Paolo Turrini (Computer Science) and Marya Bazzi (Mathematics)
Henry Jia (Leveraging biomolecular simulations to) Understand and predict the Blood-Brain-Barrier permeability of drugs Gabriele Sosso (Chemistry) and Phill Stansfeld (Life Sciences)
Rachel Lantz Unifying mechanistic behavioural science models and infectious disease models Ed Hill (Life Sciences) and Mike Tildesley (Life Sciences)
Yi Ting Loo Developing quantitative models of tissue morphogenesis Timothy Saunders (Warwick Medical School) and James Briscoe (Crick Institute)
Mark Lynch Nash neural networks Matthew Turner (Physics) and John Molina (Kyoto)
Andrew Nugent Opinion dynamics on graphs Susana Gomes (Mathematics) and Marie-Therese Wolfram (Mathematics)
Obed Nwachukwu Equation learning for PDEs in cell biology Nigel Burroughs (Mathematics) and Jonathan Harrison (Mathematics)
Phurinut Srisawad A/B testing with Bayesian optimisation Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)
Ryan Teo Nowcasting in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic Robin Thompson (Mathematics) and Sebastian Funk (LSHTM)
Hanyang Wang Robust optimisation over time Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)