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MSc project allocations 2022/2023

Student Project Supervisors
Matthew Bowditch Facial misrecognition systems Ranko Lazic (Computer Science) and Matthias Englert (Computer Science)
Nathan Doyle Objectives matter: development of optimal intervention strategies for future infectious disease outbreaks Mike Tildesley (Life Science) and Robin Thompson (Mathematics)
Xiaoqing Fan Multi-task Vision AI based on reinforcement learning for object detection, tracking, and trajectory forecasting Victor Sanchez (Computer Science)
Boyang Han Relaxed continuous-time stochastic control and reinforcement learning Aleksandar Mijatovic (Statistics)
Luke Murray Kearney Using models of infectious disease transmission to understand the superspreading phenomenon Emma Louise Davis (Mathematics) and Matt Keeling (Mathematics)
Xiaolu Liu Calibration and optimisation of biopharmaceutical processes Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)
Farzona Mukhamedova Transport of germ granules in embryogenesis Karuna Sampath (Warwick Medical School) and Shreyas Mandre (Mathematics)
Sotirios Stamnas Multi-objective reinforcement learning Paolo Turrini (Computer Science) and Ann Nowe (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Sam Turley Agent-based collective motion and environmental path entropy Matthew Turner (Physics) and Ryoichi Yamamoto (Kyoto University)
Nathan van Der Riet Sorting, topology and structural control in cells Matthew Turner (Physics) and Pierre Sens (Institute Curie)
Elliott Vincent Modelling the emergence of finch trichomonosis Erin Gorsich (Life Sciences) and Matt Keeling (Mathematics)