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MathSys MSc research project supervisor feedback form

Please rate the student's work ethic, organisation and reliability during the project:
Question 1
Did the student show you written calculations, data visualisations, computer code of other supporting materials during the project?
Question 2 (required)
If yes, please assess the technical quality of these supporting materials:
Question 3
Were there any unanticipated problems, for example with software, data quality or theory?
Question 4 (required)
If yes, please elaborate below
Did the student show initiative, originality and an ability to grasp new concepts?
Question 5
If you have any additional comments about initiative and originality please enter them here:
How much did the student rely on you in order to be able to do the tasks which you assigned?
Question 6
Were the main results of the project available and checked in a sufficiently timely manner before the end of the project?
Question 7 (required)
Did you receive a draft version of the report in time to provide comments and feedback to the student?
Question 8 (required)
If you did provide feedback to the student on a draft version of the report please indicate, for each of the following areas, whether your suggested changes were:
Question 9
Please summarise your overall impression of the student's performance on this project. Include here any additional information which you feel is relevant to help us to make a fair assessment of the work.
Privacy notice
The data on this form relates to the assessment of MathSys or Erasmus Mundus Masters in Complex Systems MSc research projects in the Centre for Complexity Science. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the answers you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering and assessing MSc research projects.
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