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Optional Modules

Students will take at least two taught optional modules in the second term (Spring term, January to March). These must equate to a minimum of 30 CATS (credits). Some of the most popular/frequently taken optional modules for MathSys students are listed below. Students should check on the availability of these modules with the host department(s), noting that other departments may have their own registration processes that differ to those of the CDT. All optional module choices must be approved by the MSc Coordinator. Permission from the host department may also be required.
The MathSys CDT has no control over the content, delivery, or timetabling of modules taken in other departments. The list provided below is for inspiration only and is not meant to be exhaustive.

CS904-15 Computational Biology

CS909-15 Data Mining

CS924-15 Agent Based Systems

CS929-15 Algorithmic Game Theory

CS939-15 Quantum Computing *please ensure that you register for CS939 and not CS419*

EC941-18 Game Theory

IM903-15 Complexity in the Social Sciences (runs as a one-week module after the end of term 2) not running in 2022

IM931-15 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Machine Learning not running in 2022

MA4E7-15 Population Dynamics: Ecology and Epidemiology [taught by Dr Louise Dyson, a member of the MathSys Management Team]

MA4M1-15 Epidemiology by Example [taught by Dr Kat Rock, a member of the MathSys Management Team]

MA4M4-15 Topics in Complexity Science [taught by Dr Marya Bazzi, a member of the MathSys Management Team]

PS918-15 Psychological Models of Choice

PS919-15 Behavioural Science: Nudging and Persuasion

PX441-15 Quantum Theory of Interacting Particles

ST419-15 Advanced Topics in Data Science

ST420-15 Statistical Learning and Big Data

ST409-15 Medical Statistics with Advanced Topics

ST418-15 Statistical Genetics with Advanced Topics

Other modules from Engineering, Economics, Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science