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A typical day in the life of a MathSys MSc student (Term 1)

9am: Having survived the arduous bus journey to campus, in which you fight off multiple undergrads for a seat, you arrive on campus ready for a huge day of maths. You catch up with the rest of your cohort in the common room and prepare for the first lecture of the day with copious amounts of coffee (or tea if you somehow manage without coffee...).

10am-12pm: The lecture for your compulsory MathSys modules begins and whilst you started off well, the 25 second daydream about the amazing sandwich you brought for lunch has distracted you and you soon realise that you've lost track of the lecture and are doomed.

12-1pm: You've made it to lunchtime, you break out into the common room for your well deserved sandwich and some light-hearted chit chat with other members of the CDT. All the while contemplating what the difference is between frequentist and Bayesian statistics...

1-3pm: Lunch was far too short, surely it can't be over already, you check the clock but yes indeed it is 1pm. It's time to go back for the second lecture/computational class. You've put the worries of the first lecture behind you and prepare yourself for what will be an extremely productive two hours.

3-5pm: You've made it, finally you can go into the MSc office and test out all the ideas you have about the coursework you just got set (that needs to be finished whilst revising for the exam and preparing for the viva). You're exhausted but you’re in your element, the maths goes on and you manage to perfectly simulate the Gillespie algorithm without throwing your new laptop out the window. RESULT.

5-6pm: With the coursework handed in, it’s over. You got a seat on the bus home, dinner is in the oven and you close your eyes for just a moment, thinking about what episode of The Witcher you got up to last night.

7pm: You wake up from the (accidental) nap and dinner is cooked, you've timed in perfectly (or not). Next you fire up The Witcher and pour yourself a drink ready for some well deserved chill time (drinks may be optional/compulsory depending on what day of the week it is).

Brought to you by Kamran Pentland :)