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MathSys CDT Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our newsletter! We hope this space is somewhere you can find useful resources, update you with MathSys news, and put a smile on your face.

Over the next few weeks, your MathSys Newsletter team will be updating this page with; interviews with students from virtual conference attendance to virtual internships experience; ideas to keep you busy from crafts to recipes; a calendar of upcoming events including student-run zoom coffee mornings and most importantly fun puzzles, competitions, games and quaranemes.

We hope to have a google-forms up soon for you to submit your contributions. Until then drop a message to anyone in the newsletter team:

Abi (MSc), Kamran (MSc), Peter (1st year), Yuanyi (1st year), Alex (2nd year), Danielle (2nd year), Emma (2nd year), Aditi (3rd year) and Bhavan (3rd year).

MathSys Wordwide!

Since MathSys has been forced to disperse during these difficult times, the newsletter team asked everyone to share their locations so that we could create a MathSys map! The map shows locations both in and outside the UK with certain areas being more densely populated by MathSys students than others.

If you don't see your location included on the map, drop one of the newsletter team a message and it will be updated in due course!

Weekly Meme

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