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Student Experiences

Name Description Last Updated
An MSc student's experience (Term 1) The average Term 1 day for a MathSys MSc student. 04/06/20
An MSc student's experience (Term 2) The next in the 'typical day in the life' series. The average term 2 day for a Mathsys MSc student. 17/10/20
Interning from an IBM Research Lab and Home Emma Southall, 2nd year PhD student, talks about her 3 month internship experience at IBM Research. 04/05/20
Interview with MathSys graduate Iliana Peneva We get in touch with Iliana Peneva who graduated from MathSys last year to find out what she has been up to! 13/05/20
Viva: Face-to-face vs Online Interview with three recent MathSys graduates about their viva experiences. 23/10/20

Do you have an experience you would like to share? Anything from working from home or abroad, volunteering to help your community to internships - we would love to hear!

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