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About Us

EMBLEM (Erin, Mike, Bridget, and Louise's Epidemic Modelling group) is a meeting group consisting of PhD students and staff from the Mathsys and MIBTP CDTs, with the central theme being a focus on epidemiology. This group was created to:

- Explore, discuss, and critique new research from across the discipline.
- Have PhD Student present their work and ideas so they can get feedback and inspiration from a group specialised epidemiology.
- Provide useful resources for students, such as a list of conferences and summer schools with listed themes and pricing.

At the moment, we run a weekly meeting 1pm on Fridays. To get involved, or if you have any questions regarding the group, email me ( or contact me on teams and I will add you to the teams group if you want to join.

Note: This was the page of the now inactive Epidemology Reading Group organised by Trystan Leng. Previous iterations of this Epidemology Reading Group can be found here and here.