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Previous Events

TeamEpi in the Lakes 03.09.19-05.09.19

11 TeamEpi enthusiasts trekked to the Ambleside, Lake District for the 3rd edition of IDDconf (Infectious Disease Dynamics). This is a small (approx 100) community-driven conference to improve interaction, present current work and stimulate discussion between modellers in epidemiology. Keen beans Alex, Emma, Glen and Sophie arrived early for workshops in Likelihood methods and Approximate Bayesian Computation. Teamepi represented their work: Ben, Cameron and Emma gave talks, whilst Chris, Susie, Sophie and Tim presented posters.



Spatial Statistics, Geographical Epidemiology and Geographical aspects of Public Health 27.08.19-29.08.19

Tim attended an interdisciplinary conference at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the university of Glasgow. This conference brings together statisticians, geographers, epidemiologists, computer scientists, public health professionals and TeamEpi to discuss methods of spatial analysis in public health. Tim presented his poster on "Measuring spatiotemporal dependence of disease using the tau and phi statistics: a literature review, normative commentary and new avenues".

Network Modelling for Epidemics 12.08.19-16.08.19

Trystan spent a couple of weeks in Seattle this summer for a 5-day short course at the University of Washington. A hands-on course using EpiModel software to simulate stochastic network models for infectious disease transmission models.


Sophie returns from Geneva

Sophie has returned from a short term consultancy position through GOARN at the World Health Organisation in Geneva. She has been busy working in the Ebola outbreak team to help support health officials in the DRC.