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Past Meetings

Previous Topics Discussed

Temporal exponential random graph models (TERGMs), and their application to modelling epidemics on dynamic networks using statnet ( suggested by Trystan Leng.

Previous Papers Discussed

Here we provide a list of papers discussed in previous meetings:

Milnerā€Gulland, E. J., and Katriona Shea. "Embracing uncertainty in applied ecology." Journal of Applied Ecology 54.6 (2017): 2063-2068. suggested by Ben Atkins

Merler, Stefano, et al. "Coinfection can trigger multiple pandemic waves." Journal of Theoretical Biology 254.2 (2008): 499-507. suggested by Susie Cant

Sutherland, C. Simone, et al. "Seeing beyond 2020: an economic evaluation of contemporary and emerging strategies for elimination of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense." The Lancet Global Health 5.1 (2017): e69-e79. suggested by Chris Davis

Augustovski, Federico, et al. "Measuring the benefits of healthcare: DALYs and QALYs–Does the choice of measure matter? A case study of two preventive interventions." International journal of health policy and management 7.2 (2018): 120. suggested by Alex Holmes

Wallinga, Jacco, and Peter Teunis. "Different epidemic curves for severe acute respiratory syndrome reveal similar impacts of control measures." American Journal of epidemiology 160.6 (2004): 509-516. suggested by Tim Pollington

Worden, Lee, et al. "Real-time projections of epidemic transmission and estimation of vaccination impact during an Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo." arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.01175 (2018). suggested by Sophie Meakin

Muellner, Ulrich, et al. "epidemix—An interactive multi-model application for teaching and visualizing infectious disease transmission." Epidemics 23 (2018): 49-54. suggested by Cameron Lack

Alemi, Alexander A., et al. "You can run, you can hide: The epidemiology and statistical mechanics of zombies." Physical Review E 92.5 (2015): 052801. suggested by Emma Southall

Smid, Joost H., et al. "Age difference between heterosexual partners in Britain: Implications for the spread of Chlamydia trachomatis." Epidemics (2018). suggested by Trystan Leng