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Mozhdeh Erfanian


My name is Mozhdeh (Pronounced Moj-de), and I am a first-year PhD student in MathSys. My research interests are mathematical modelling of metal forming processes and computational material science.

I am working under the supervision of Dr Ed Brambley (Warwick). Part of the research in Dr Bramley’s research group is dedicated to mathematical modelling of metal forming inspired by the need for sufficiently accurate quick-to-compute models. My project is focused on models of microstructural changes (such as texture) during metal forming, with an initial focus on asymmetric rolling (ASR).


Past Projects

  • Implementing metamaterial into flexible sensors, Postgraduate research at Heriot-watt University (2020-2021) Improving the performance of resistive-type sensors by structural modification taking advantage of metamaterials
  • Investigation of extended forming limit diagrams, Master thesis (2016-2018) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Determination of forming limit diagrams in sheet metal forming processes with non-linear strain path and through-thickness normal and shear stresses
  • Modelling of bending and buckling of marine rubber cell fender, Bachelor thesis (2014)


Working Experience

  • Mechanical Engineer at Fars Qaleb Novin co., Shiraz, Iran - (Oct 2014-Oct 2015 and Jun 2018- Dec 2019) Performing stress analysis using Abaqus software, and planning technical drawings of different parts of metal forming machines using CAD software
  • Designing and Manufacturing Engineer at ShayanTarh co. (Internship), Shiraz, Iran (Jul - Sep 2014)
    Using CAD software to create engineering drawings, and working closely with engineers and technicians in the production of industrial dust collectors.
  • Academic tutor at IUST (Sep - Feb 2017)
    Tutor for the “Plasticity” and “Engineering Design" to undergrad students.


Past Publications