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Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE)


Members of the public are actively involved in research projects and in research organisations.

Management of science

We have recently recruited a number of PPIE Advisors to lead on service development and to bring together more cohesively the services that health and social care organisations provide along with those who inform the research and evaluate the services.

Design of service interventions

The IDEaL model’, describes the stages involved in applied health research and how ARC Identifies, Develops, Evaluates and Leads service innovation. There are opportunities for service users, patients and the public to be involved in all stages from the identification of service needs, to the evaluation of the implementation of evidence into practice.


Information and knowledge about research is provided and disseminated.

Our PPI Advisors are engaging with community groups to raise awareness of ARC and to disseminate knowledge about its research and help build ‘communities of practice’.

We actively work across a number of areas to increase public engagement:

  • Programme for engagement in applied science
  • Reaching under-represented groups
  • News Blog containing a PPIE and events section
  • Communication and dissemination


Our programme of Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement adheres to PPIE Reporting Standards

Public awareness and participation

Making people aware of and enabling them to actively participate in a specific research study.

These are the research study programmes we are currently involved with:

  • Understanding the experience of patient and public involvement in research implementation. The role of PPI Advisor role, how the role might develop and how involvement influences the implementation of research evidence. Lead: Dr Alison Hipwell
  • PPI network - Patient and public Involvement and Lay Accountability in Research and innovation (PILAR) to foster collaborative working and shared learning.
  • Participation in trials at UK Clinical Trials Gateway
  • NHS Choices information on clinical research.