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Cross-cutting Theme 6: Research Methodology, Informatics & Rapid Response

Research methodology, informatics and rapid response

This theme supports the four service themes with statistical, epidemiological, qualitative and health economic expertise, while embedding methodological research in examples emanating from the service themes.

We build on work to engage the public, patients and managers in a research methods knowledge exchange venture, so that people can form an informed view of the meaning of quality metrics and research results.

Theme lead

Professor Richard Lilford
University of Birmingham


  • Support research themes with statistics and health economic expertise.
  • Innovate the development and use of research methods to:
    • Combine rigour with service imperatives.
    • Facilitate study of intractable interventions.
    • Improve the efficiency of service delivery research using information technology.
    • Enable the timely evaluation of “ready to use” interventions.

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