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Margaret Peters Centre

Margaret Peters Centre

The Margaret Peters Centre (MPC) is a virtual centre housed within the Health Informatics team at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT). It is a collaborative centre for data analytics, and brings together the expertise of managers, clinicians and academics with questions that can be answered through the analysis of available data. It is needed to bridge the gap between the routine analysis and processing of data in hospitals, and the interesting questions which exist in clinical and academic teams across organisations in the region.

What Projects Might Be Considered?

Any project which might realistically be answered by interrogating routine data sets (e.g. Hospital Episode Statistics, Office for National Statistics data, NHS purchasing data etc). Often this can only be ascertain through discussion with the informaticians who have in depth knowledge of the datasets available so if in doubt please still bring ideas forward. The centre deliberately aims to work across all of the Themes within ARCWM so any project from within these areas can be considered.

How to Bring an Idea Forward?

There are regular virtual team meetings which are open to researchers or interested to attend. In addition there is a 6 weekly hour long meeting with additional representation from PPIE advisors which allows more time for detailed discussion. To attend one of these meetings and to have a an initial discussion of your proposal please contact Paul Bird (