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Latest News

March 2021 - That Co-Production Podcast!

Gary Hickey, keynote presenter at our first Co-Production Workshop (Sept 2020), has worked with Research Design Service South East (RDS SE), in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Centre for Engagement and Dissemination to launch a podcast series: 'That Co-Production Podcast!'. Find out more here

March 2021- BMJ Special Edition - Impact of Health Research through Co-Production of Knowledge

Sophie Staniszewska (ARC WM Professor of Patient and Public Involvement and Experiences of Care), was on the Steering Group for the BMJ collection of papers on increasing the impact of Health Research through Co-Production of Knowledge. The Special Edition aims to provide an overview of the evolution, potential, influence, learning and challenges of co-producing evidence that can inform decision making in health policy and practice, as well as the core principles underpinning it.

The collection includes a paper co-authored by Sophie on the importance of co-production in delivering positive benefits to a wide range of stakeholders in global health research, and the investment in time and resources required to build trust between researchers and communities in co-production. Click here to read more.


ARC WM Public Involvement Team have delivered the following presentations on Co-Production.

Presentation to ARC WM Programme Management Committee (June 2019)

Presentation at Midlands Health Alliance Public Involvement Conference (March 2020)

ARC WM Co-Production Workshops

ARC WM held its first Co-Production Workshop in September 2020.

ARC WM Co-Production Case Studies

ARC WM is developing a Portfolio of Case Studies, which demonstrate how the key Principles and Features of Co-Production find expression in its activities.


Sophie Staniszewska describes co-production in mathematical and economic modelling as part of a vaccination and immunisation evaluation.

Working with families to develop Annual Health Checks

Hayley Crawford is working in partnership with families and young people to identify issues in current care provision.

Moving Forwards Project

Laura Campbell describes power-sharing to prioritise rollout of musculoskeletal evidence into local patient pathways in Staffordshire.

Research Involvement and Engagement

Sophie Staniszewska describes how this academic journal is co-produced, involving academics, patients and service users and policy makers, with a unique governance structure.

Co-Production Drop-In Sessions

The PPI/E Team in ARC WM offer Drop-In Sessions to any member of the ARC WM community that wants to discuss approaches to public involvement in their research project. To book a session, please contact Magdalena Skrybant for more information.

Useful Resources

Guidance on Co-Production in Research

NIHR Guidance on Co-Producing a Research Project

NIHR Series of Co-Production in Action

NIHR Co-Production in Action 1

NIHR Co-Production in Action 2

NIHR Co-Production in Action 3

Useful webpages

NIHR Webpage on Co-Production

Multimedia resources

That Co-Production Podcast!