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Research Theme 1: Long-Term Conditions

Long-term conditions

The care of people with long-term conditions currently accounts for 70% of healthcare expenditure. Feedback from patients suggests the care system has a long way to go in providing patient-focussed, seamless care, integrated across organisational boundaries.

In this, our largest theme, we will work with local organisations and patients to improve the management of long-term conditions and evaluate new models of care designed to improve integration, patient satisfaction and efficiency.

Theme lead

Professor Christian Mallen
Keele University



  • We will undertake studies that are an immediate local priority, that can plausibly generate evaluations of widespread roll-out, and that explicate theory.
  • We will co-design and pilot new evidence-based interventions, which can be tested in multiple sites through NIHR-funded research.


  • Our results will be used to influence policy at home and abroad in areas of massive interest to services, patients and citizens.

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