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Pre-CB: is a Pre-Pilot study to develop interventions and define pathways for a randomised controlled trial in ‘Chemobrain’. Many cancer patients experience cognitive impairment during and after their treatment. Often referred to as ‘chemobrain’, cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI) may be caused by chemotherapy, other treatments, or the cancer itself – the evidence is unclear. The aim of our research is to develop interventions for both patients and supporters.

The Pre-CB study is developmental work for a planned RCT in cancer-related cognitive impairment. The study has three elements: piloting Memory Attention and Adaptive Training (MAAT) with UK patients; developing an intervention for supporters; developing the pathway for structural and functional MRI scanning of patients.
The future RCT will evaluate the patient and supporter interventions in terms of their impact on quality of life. It will also aim to develop a method of diagnosing CRCI using functional and structural MRI.

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