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Researchers - Introduction

Our core offer to researchers working in primary care


1| Doorway to primary care research support
  • First of all we'll advise you if your study is eligible for network support
  • If it is, we'll provide your route into primary care
  • We can provide you with a named contact for the duration of your study who will facilitate access to network resources

2|Expert advice in primary care recruitment
  • We can advise on your primary care recruitment strategy at any point during the study life-cycle
  • We can pilot your recruitment strategy within the primary care environment to check for 'do-ability'
  • Where necessary, we'll advise on alternative recruitment strategies
  • We'll use our local knowledge to help you plan your study delivery in primary care

3| NHS support costs advice and support
  • We can help you to identify and attribute these costs for your grant application
  • We can help arrange access to NHS support resources once your study is confirmed as eligible

4| Governance and NHS permissions advice
  • We'll help you find your way through NHS governance processes
  • We'll liaise with NHS R&D teams on your behalf to minimise delays with approvals

5| Site selection and set-up
  • We'll use our local knowledge to identify and engage the right primary care sites for your study
  • We'll promote your study to primary care sites
  • We can advise you on working with primary care sites
  • We can advise you on the materials which primary care sites will require to support your study

6| Recruitment
  • We'll support both you and your primary care sites to deliver recruitment to time and to target
  • We'll advise on database search strategies

7| Active performance monitoring
  • We'll help you and your primary care sites to performance manage the progress of studies
  • We'll help to identify and overcome recruitment barriers

8| Training
  • We'll support primary care sites to access study-specific training where required
  • We'll help the research community gain the necessary training which underpins research e.g. Good Clinical Practice training


Please note that some local research networks may be able to offer extra support in addition to this core service however this will be dependent on capacity.

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