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Researchers - Sources of Funding

Sources of Funding

There are several different funding bodies available to apply to, depending on your area and stage of research. Organisations that award research grants through open competition, other than the NIHR itself and UK Government departments, are listed as NIHR non-commercial partners on the NIHR website.

Funding through these sources automatically confers eligibility for NIHR Portfolio status with all the associated support advantages.

The NIHR Research Capability Funding (NIHR RCF) has been established to attract, develop and retain the research workforce necessary for delivering high quality research. RCF is available to NIHR faculty members for a variety of purposes. These members are individuals who conduct or support patient-based or people-based research and whose salary is funded, in part or in whole, from a NIHR funding stream. They are, in addition, employed by a NHS organisation or by a university. They can be health professionals or researchers working on NIHR-eligible studies.

Further information can be found on the NIHR Website.