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Practitioners - Why Engage in Research Activity?

Why Engage in Research Activity?

The benefits of participating in research are many.

Benefits of Research to Patients

  • Access to new drugs, treatments and/or facilities
  • More detailed monitoring or management of patients as a result of participating in a research study.
  • Giving “something back” to the NHS - an opportunity to benefit others even when there is no direct benefit to the participator
  • Contributing to improving future health care with research into new and innovative treatments
  • Empowering patients to understand more about their conditions
  • Building on the patient and health professional relationship

Benefits of Research to Practices

  • Opportunity to be engaged in a broad range of high quality studies in a clinical area you are interested in
  • Contributing to research that is providing the evidence base to inform clinical practice, policy making and commissioning.
  • Patient benefit - access to new treatments for patients at no cost to the practice.
  • Continuing professional development through acquisition of new research skills, access to free National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for research training and through local research meetings and national Clinical Research Network (CRN) conferences.
  • Patient priority - research is a patient priority but many Trusts are unaware of their performance against this responsibility as set out in the NHS constitution. View the map of Trusts available and their ranking.
  • Practice reputation – Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) kite-mark
  • Income generation through innovation including an opportunity to be part of the Clinical Research Network: West Midlands (CRN:WM) Research Incentive Schemes