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QBP Seed Grant application form

The Seed Grant Programme was established to support the expansion of quantitative biomedicine at Warwick beyond the current Mechanobiology/Epidemiology focus of the QBP Programme. A key aim for these awards is to develop and strengthen future Wellcome grant applications from the applicant. It is open to all Warwick principal investigators operating in quantitative biomedicine, and applications will be considered on a competitive basis by the Seed Grant Committee and external peer reviewers.

In this round, applications are invited for two awards in reproductive biomedical research, each up to £25,000.

Deadline for the current round: 1 October 2018.

For enquiries, please contact Anne Straube (WMS) at QBPgrant at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Guidance notes:

1. Applicants must be principal investigators at the University of Warwick.

2. Recipients of previous Wellcome-Warwick QBP seed grants may apply again, provided they have met all reporting requirements for the previous grant.

3. Applicants have to clearly indicate how a seed award would strengthen a future application to the Wellcome Trust.

4. Seed grant funding can be used to cover the following costs:
• Research assistant / staff costs (recommended)
• Lab consumables directly related to the project
• Travel and subsistence costs directly related to the project

5. Seed grant funding cannot be used to cover the following costs:
• Salary of the PI
• Equipment costs

6. The following criteria will be used when considering projects:
• Track record of the applicant
• The importance of the research question
• The feasibility and promise of the proposal

7. Recipients of 2018 seed grant funding will be notified in November 2018 and must complete projects and use all funding by 30 November 2019.

8. Recipients must complete all of the required progress reports (currently at midpoint and end of project) and acknowledge QBP funding in all publications arising from the work.

Wellcome-Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme (QBP) Seed grant application form:

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

The next round will open in spring 2019.

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