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Trial Resources

We have collected a number of documents for participating organisations, to help explain what PARAMEDIC2 is trying to achieve and how the trial is being carried out.

Posters and leaflets:

We have developed posters and leaflets to provide more information to the public. If you would like to display a poster in your place of work, please download and print one here. Alternatively you can contact us and we will send you printed posters and leaflets

Information for patients:

A research paramedic will inform people if they have been involved in the study when the initial emergency has passed. This will usually be on the hospital ward. The paramedic will provide an information sheet explains the purpose of the trial, informs patients of their options, and seeks their consent for further participation.

Training materials for Ambulance Service Staff:

These materials have been created to assist in the training of staff at participating sites.

Trial protocol:

The trial protocol describes all aspects of how the trial will be conducted. It has been approved by the South Central Oxford C Research Ethics Committee.Trial protocol

Ethics Application

This application was submitted to the South Central Oxford C Research Ethics Committee and was the basis for their assessment and approval of the trial. Please note that this is the original application submitted in March 2014 and so will not reflect amendments approved through the course of the trial.

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