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Lee Gunn

Research Fellow


Research Profile

My main research interests are: family caregiving; patient experiences; health services and mental distress. I have carried out research using a wide variety of methods, but I prefer qualitative research with an emphasis on narrative accounts of experience.


Before concentrating on health service user/carer research, I worked in industry as a project manager and usability specialist; in higher education as a senior lecturer in communication design; and as a freelance writer. I've also done a variety of other things, including work in schools, and with mental health service users and carers.

Research Projects

The BIG Study for life-limited children and their families (current)

NICE scoping study on patient experience

Pathways to diabetes urgent care

Mental health inpatient staff morale

The role of networked technology in dementia care

Family care for people with obsessive compulsive disorder

Recent Publications

Powell J, Gunn L, Lowe P et al (January 2010) “New networked technologies and carers of people with dementia: an interview study.” Ageing and Society, Volume 10, Issue 6, August 2010

Staniszewska Sophie, Boardman Felicity, Gunn Lee et al (2011) Patient Experiences: A Scoping Study, Report to the Royal College of Physicians