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Project title Warwick supervisor Singapore supervisor(s)
Molecular Cell Biology and Microbiology    

The Role of epigentic factor condensates in carcinogenesis and therapy resistance

Dr Daniel Hebenstreit

Dr Wee Wei Tee

Mechanisms of early forebrain patterning during zebrafish embryonic development

Dr Michael Smutny Kok Hao Chen
Combating AMR: Understanding fungal cell wall assembly to uncover new
therapeutic targets
Prof Mohan Balasubramanian Dr Wang Yue


Colorimetric Analysis of Multivariate Metal-Organic Framework Materials Prof Richard Walton Dr Yu Shengkai
Innovative Design and Precision Characterization: Unleashing the Potential of Next-Gen Piezoelectric Thin Films for High-Speed Wireless Communication
Dr Peng Wang Dr Huajun Liu
Trust-based Electronic Regulation of Data Sharing and Processing in Cyber-Physical Systems Prof Carsten Maple Dr Sun Sumei
Explainable AI-Driven Strategies for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats: Leveraging Attack Graphs, Reinforcement Learning, and LLMs Prof Carsten Maple

Dr Khin Mi Mi Aung

Dr Mondal Soumik

A new AI-based method for battery thermal runaway prognosis Dr Anup Barai

Dr Keith Foo Choon Chiang

Kai Guo

Responsible Generative AI for Safe Perception of Autonomous Vehicles Dr Zhao Xingyu Dr Qing Guo
Carbon-negative acoustic dampening and insulating structures via digital biofabrication Dr Javier Munguia Xinying Deng
Development and Validation of a Novel Compact and Efficient Thermal Management System for High Performance Electric Motorcycles Dr Truong Dinh Dr Teo Chek Sing

Digital Twin of Mitral Valve Dynamics: Revealing Early Cardiovascular Disease Signs and Mitigation Strategies in Singapore and the UK demographics

Dr Arnab Palit

Prof Mark Williams

Bhanu Prakash
Enhancing protein secretion though model-guided high throughput experimentation Dr Alexander Darlington Ee Lui Ang, Fong Tian Wong
Multimodal NDT and monitoring of infrastructure using drones Dr Oksana Trushkevych Dr Andrew Ngo
Recovering aluminium from recycled electric and electronic waste Dr Sumit Hazra Dr Shuyun Chng

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