CHILDREN: are very welcome. There is a play area off to the side of the main church and in case of crisis another behind a closed door in the 'North Porch'

DRESS CODE: my slightly flippant response to this is 'clean'. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and most of you will be within the distribution of what others are wearing. If you want to be an outlier that is great. I am not convinced that Mark ever really noticed what people wore, though he had better dress sense and significantly better colour sense than I do and the girls are already missing his advice.

DONATIONS IN MEMORY: No-one is expected to give anything or do anything, but if your wish to support a charity, two which were dear to Mark’s heart, in large part because of his children’s involvement, were

     Coventry and Warwickshire Youth Orchestra (Please make a cheque out to Coventry Youth Orchestra Parents’ Association and pass it to Alison or Rowena)
     Association of Young People with ME (at least until 3rd April, 2017 go to