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Users Groups

I am an active participant in a number of online forums and various users' groups. In general, these groups are involved in the community of microarray users. The groups in which I am most actively involved are shown below:


The Genespring Users Group is an online discussion forum for users of Genespring GX, a microarray data analysis suite from Agilent. I am an active member of this forum due to my extensive use of Genespring GX.

UKAffy is an online discussion forum for users of Affymetrix GeneChip technologies. An annual meeting, sponsored by Affymetrix and other high profile companies, is held each year to allow direct interaction between members of the group. I am an active meber of the forum, and will be attending my second UKAffy Annual meeting in June 2007 where I will be presenting my work. In 2006, I won the prize for "Best Scientific Content" for my poster entitled "A Comparison of c-Myc Regulated Gene Networks Involved in Tumourigenesis of Two Distinct Tissues".

Chip Club is a Users Group for users of Microarray technologies at the University of Warwick. It is open to anybody who uses, or wishes to make use of, microarrays for transcriptome analysis. Users of 1-colour oligonucleotide platforms (such as Affymetrix GeneChips) or 2-colour spotted arrays are welcome. Meetings are usually held in the MRI room at the University of Warwick Biological Sciences department at Gibbett Hill. The group is co-ordinated by Helen Bird and details of upcoming meetings are communicated by email, and through the Chip Club website.

To date, I have given two talks at Chip Club meetings:

  1. RMA and GC-RMA Normalisation
  2. Identifying Myc target genes (direct and indirect) involved in key features of pancreatic islet tumourigenesis


Sam Robson

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