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Max Joseph


Welcome to my MOAC homepage. Please use the links on the left or below to find information about me and what I do. Feel free to email me using the page contact at the bottom or using M.B.Joseph AT Feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn page as well.

I am currently working on a PhD to develop novel microdevices for use in biology. Please use the link below to find out more about my work during my PhD, my MSc or my undergraduate.


PhD: Supervised by Dr James Covington and Prof. Georgy Koentges


MSc: Supervised by Dr Till Bretschneider (mathematical modelling/programming), Prof. Julie MacPherson (chemistry), Prof. Nick Dale and Prof. Richard Napier (biology).


Undergraduate: Final year project supervised by Prof. Dale Sanders




In my other life, I have been a Resident Tutor at Rootes A block, University of Warwick for the last three years. I live in halls and am have a disciplinary and pastoral care role for 61 students. I find working with young people rewarding and enjoyable.

I am willing to help out any students at Warwick who are interested in applying for a position in the Resident Life Team.

Take a look at my Academic CV. I am very employable!


I am grateful to the EPSRC for funding of my project through the MOAC DTC.

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