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Jennifer Webb

About Me

    I joined MOAC in 2010 after graduating with a first class honours (BSc) degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick.

    As part of the MOAC DTC, I undertook an MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry graduating with distinction in 2011 (for further details, please see 'MSc Research Projects' below).

    I completed a PhD in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry in 2015, which was jointly supervised by Prof. Julie Macpherson, Dr. Rebecca Notman and Prof. Mark Newton (for further details, please see PhD).

    I currently work as an independent EPSRC research fellow at the University of Warwick (EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow in Physical Chemistry). My research focuses on molecular modelling of interfacial systems including materials (diamond-biomolecule interactions), bilayers (drug-bilayer interactions) and electrochemical (pore-based) systems.


    Recent News

      Modern Muse: Promotional filming for a new app, sponsored by BP and Deloitte, that connects girls to female professionals to inspire a range of STEM career paths. See the video here and explore the Modern Muse app here. (March 2016)

      Chemistry at Work (Birmingham): Ran several 'Diamonds in Science' workshops at Birmingham ThinkTank Science Museum during an RSC sponsored 'Chemistry at Work' event for Year 8 – 9 pupils. (Feb 2016)

      EPSRC Doctoral Prize: I have been awarded the EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship in Physical Sciences for 2015-2016 at the University of Warwick. The project involves molecular modelling of diamond-based systems. (Oct 2015)

      For further details and a full list of news, please visit the News and Events page.

      PhD (2011-2015)

        The title of my PhD was: Exploiting the Properties of Diamond for Biosensing Applications: Electrochemical and Computational Approaches to Biomolecule Detection.


        My thesis can be found online here.

        For further details about my PhD, please visit the PhD Research page.

        MSc Research Projects (2010-2011)

          I undertook three eight-week research mini projects as part of my masters degree. These were in three different research environments: one in experimental biology, one in computation/mathematics, and one in experimental physical sciences. The titles of my mini projects were:

          • MSc Project 1 (Experimental Biology): Novel Biophysical Methods for Membrane Protein Research, supervised by Dr. David I. Roper.
          • MSc Project 2 (Computation/Mathematics): Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Nanoparticle-Membrane Interactions, supervised by Dr. Rebecca Notman.
          • MSc Project 3 (Experimental Physical Sciences): Combined Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy - Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SECM-SICM): Imaging and Probing Water and Ion Transport at the Nanoscale, supervised by Prof. Patrick Unwin.


          Contact Address:
          Jenny Webb, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry,
          CV4 7AL.
          j dot webb dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk