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Critical Phenomena in a Heterogeneous Excitable System

I chose to continue this project in my PhD.

In this project I modelled the changes in the muscular wall of the uterus during the course of labour and parturition. The changes are thought to be the result of a phase transition from a state where a local excitation does not spread over the entire tissue, to a state where the muscle has become globally excitable.

The model considered an infinite lattice of excitable elements connected by resistors (as shown below) with each element obeying FitzHugh-Nagumo dynamics.


I gave a talk and presented a poster about this project at the MOAC Annual Conference in 2011. My presentation and poster can be downloaded and viewed below.

MP2 Presentation

 (Powerpoint Presentation) MOAC Annual Conference Presentation

MP2 Poster

 (PDF Document) MOAC Annual Conference Poster

This project was supervised by:


Hugo van den Berg

Warwick Mathematics Institute