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Katherine Lloyd

I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2012 after obtaining an upper second class degree with integrated Masters in Mathematics and Physics, BSc. MMathPhys.

During my undergraduate studies, my main focus on the mathematics side of my degree were modules with an emphasis on biological modelling.

My fourth year project involved modelling instabilities in fusion plasma via a set of equations and a simulation and, coupled with my interest in mathematical biology, this motivated my choice to continue on to study at MOAC DTC.

During the Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry Masters, two of my miniprojects were jointly based on medical bioinformatics. Supervised by Prof. Ian Cree and Dr. Richard Savage, the projects focused on the collection and modelling, respectively, of data relating to gene expression following chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer.

Through these projects I discovered a strong interest in the modelling of medical data, particularly complex molecular data for which the relationships between variables are unknown.

These miniprojects lead into my PhD, "Machine Learning Stratification for Oncology Patient Survival", which investigated the application of machine learning methods to molecular and clinical cancer data for survival prediction. A main focus were Gaussian processes for survival data.

For more information on my miniprojects or PhD, see the tabs above.


Katherine L Lloyd, Ian A Cree, and Richard S Savage. Prediction of resistance to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer: a systematic review. BMC cancer, 15(1): 117, 2015.

Hugh Kikuchi, Anne Reiman, Jenifer Nyoni, Katherine Lloyd, Richard Savage, Tina Wotherspoon, Lisa Berry, David Snead, and Ian A Cree. Development and validation of a TaqMan array for cancer mutation analysis. Pathogenesis, 3 (1):1–8, 2016.

Anne Reiman, Pandey, Sarojini Pandey, K. L. Lloyd, Nigel Dyer, Mike Khan, Martin Crockard, Mark J. Latten, Tracey L. Watson, Ian A. Cree, and Dimitris K. Grammatopoulos. Molecular testing for familial hypercholesterolaemia-associated mutations in a UK-based cohort: development of an NGS-based method and comparison with multiplex polymerase chain reaction and oligonucleotide arrays. Annals of clinical biochemistry, 53(6):654-662, 2016.


2008-2012 Mathematics and Physics University of Warwick BSc.MMathPhys



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Katherine Lloyd


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