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Adair Richards

This page has been archived since July 2008. You can find out about Adair's current work at  

Adair graduating with Prof. Alison Rodger

Adair graduated in July 2008 and he now runs a training consultancy amongst other things. You can catch up with him at Linked In, at his website, or via a quick internet search.

I am a PhD student currently working on the synthesis and biological action of synthetic supramolecular metallomolecules which have shown considerable promise as agents to control DNA structure. This work has particular relevance to the discovery of new drugs to combat multiresistant bacteria such as MRSA and drug-resistant cancer tumours.

For more details, please take a look around the rest of the site, watch my introductory video (Video clip) or, on a more amusing note, you can download the video I made for Warwick Accommodation extolling the benefits of living in Coventry and keeping goldfish here.


It is now possible to download my University of Warwick podcast on Drug Design from here.

The podcast is based on my article "Synthetic metallomolecules as agents for the control of DNA structure" which is featured this year on the cover of the prestigious Chemical Society Reviews.

For more details please see here or download the press release (PDF Document).

Adair D. Richards & Alison Rodger (2007). Synthetic metallomolecules as agents for the control of DNA structure, Chem. Soc. Rev., 36, 471-483


Department:MOAC (Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells)

Research Group: Biophysical and bioanalytical chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Alison Rodger

Research topic: Interactions of metallo-supramolecular nanocylinders in biological systems at the subcellular level: We have designed supramolecular nanocylinders that posess markedly different structural features to conventional drugs and should act in quite different ways at the cellular and molecular level. This work focuses on the action of these cylinders within cells and the interactions with their biomolecular targets.

Funding: EPSRC Life Sciences Interface


Photo of Adair

Contact Me

A dot D dot Richards at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)2476 150059