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Individual publication lists:
Prof Tony Arber / Prof Sandra Chapman / Prof Richard Dendy / Dr Bogdan Hnat / Prof Valery Nakariakov / Dr Erwin Verwichte

PhD thesis


  • Dr Jack Bradshaw: Modelling of Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in Axisymmetric Toroidal Fusion Plasmas (Dr Erwin Verwichte)


  • Dr Petra Kohutova: Waves in coronal rain (Dr Erwin Verwichte)


  • Dr Rebecca White: Transverse waves in the solar corona (Dr Erwin Verwichte)


  • Dr Richard Lake: Wave-particle interaction in spherical tokamaks applied to MAST (Dr Erwin Verwichte, Dr Simon Pinches)


  • Dr Christopher Wrench: Impurity transport in rotating spherical tokamaks (Dr Erwin Verwichte)
  • Dr Peter Hill: The effect of toroidal flows on global gyrokinetic electrostatic turbulence in MAST (Dr Erwin Verwichte, Dr Samuli Saarelma, Prof Arthur Peeters)
  • Dr Robert Chin: Nonlinearity in thermally active and rotating plasmas (Dr Erwin Verwichte)
  • Dr James Cook: Electron current driven by spontaneously excited lower hybrid waves in tokamak plasmas (Prof. Sandra Chapman, Prof. Richard Dendy)


  • Dr Kathrin Wunsch: Theory of X-ray Thomson scattering in Warm Dense Matter (Dr Dirk Gericke)
  • Dr Nicky Chorley: Spatial and temporal analysis of sunspot oscillations (Dr Bogdan Hnat)
  • Dr Soheil Vasheghani-Farahani: MHD wave interaction with coronal active region plasmas (Prof Valery Nakariakov)
  • Dr Francis Casson: Turbulent transport in rotating tokamak plasmas (Prof Arthur Peeters)


  • Dr Joseph Dewhurst: Statistical description and modelling of fusion plasma edge turbulence (Dr Bogdan Hnat)


  • Dr Ruth Nicol: Turbulence and scaling phenomena in Solar System plasmas (Prof Sandra Chapman)
  • Dr Andrew Inglis: Quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares (Prof Valery Nakariakov)


  • Dr Robert Wicks: Mutual information and quantifying coherent structures in laboratory and solar wind plasma data (Prof Sandra Chapman)


  • Dr Bryan Simon: Solitary waves in high-ß plasmas : modelling magnetic holes (Prof Valery Nakariakov)
  • Dr David Pascoe: Magnetohydrodynamic coronal seismology with sausage modes (Prof Valery Nakariakov)


  • Dr Damian King: Magnetohydrodynamic waves in the solar corona (Prof Valery Nakariakov, Dr Ken McClements UKAEA, Culham)
  • Dr Nicholas Young: Remote diagnostics of laboratory and coronal plasmas with magnetohydrodynamic waves (Prof Valery Nakariakov, Dr Sergey Sharapov UKAEA, Culham)
  • Dr Adam Kelly: Magnetoacoustic autowaves in plasmas (Prof Valery Nakariakov)
  • Dr James Leake: Effects of partial ionisation in the solar atmosphere (Dr Tony Arber)
  • Dr James Merrifield: The scaling properties of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence (Prof Sandra Chapman, Prof Richard Dendy)
  • Dr Nathan Sircombe: Vlasov code development with inertial confinement fusion applications (Dr Tony Arber, Prof Richard Dendy)


  • Dr Tom March: Anomalous transport dynamics in driven plasmas (Prof Sandra Chapman, Prof Richard Dendy)
  • Dr Martin Haynes: Block Adaptive Mesh refinement for a Lagrangian Remap Code (Dr Tony Arber)
  • Dr Chris Brady: Numerical simulations of the damping of kink mode oscillations of coronal loops (Dr Tony Arber)


  • Dr Fenwick Cooper: Magnetohydrodynamic waves in the solar corona (Dr Valery Nakariakov)
  • Dr Robert Lee: Ion acceleration at reforming astrophysical shocks (Prof Sandra Chapman, Prof Richard Dendy)


  • Dr John Greenhough: Signatures of highly-correlated processes in complex physical systems (Prof Sandra Chapman, Prof Richard Dendy)
  • Dr Bogdan Hnat: Approaches to scaling phenomena in space and laboratory plasma (Prof Sandra Chapman)


  • Dr Paul Birch: Particle-in-cell simulations of the lunar wake (Prof Sandra Chapman)
  • Dr William Wykes: Enhanced pitch angle diffusion due to stochastic electron-whistler wave-particle interactions (Prof Sandra Chapman)


  • Dr Maximos Tsalas: Charged particle dynamics in sheared magnetic reversals with application to the earth's magnetotail (Prof Sandra Chapman)


  • Dr Matthew Hopcroft: Two dimensional hybrid simulations of small scale obstacles in the solar wind (Prof Sandra Chapman)
  • Dr Mark Dieckmann: A survey of elementary plasma instabilities and ECH wave noise properties relevant to plasma sounding by means of particle in cell simulations (Prof Sandra Chapman)


  • Dr Stamatoula Matsoukis: Nonlinear aspects of electron whistler mode wave interactions in the inner earth magnetosphere (Prof Sandra Chapman)
  • Dr Wayne Brown: Characterisation of low energy ions observed near and during the substorm expansion phase onset, (Prof Sandra Chapman)

M.Sc (by research) thesis

  • Brad Ramsey: Automated analysis of oscillations in coronal bright points, 2021 (Dr Erwin Verwichte)
  • Michal Charemza: A parallel block adaptive mesh refinement for a Lagrangian remap code, 2009 (Dr Tony Arber)
  • Christopher Fox: , 2006 (Dr Tony Arber)
  • Colin Ault: Characteristic signatures of fast magnetoacoustic waves in solar coronal structures, 2003 (Dr Valery Nakariakov)