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"Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae" Book (Eds. Nakariakov V.M., et al.) is published

ISSI Monograph 76 "Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar CoronaeLink opens in a new window", edited by V.M. Nakariakov et al., is published by Springer. The book gives a comprehensive overview of oscillatory processes in solar and stellar coronae, discusses observations made by primary instruments used to research solar and stellar phenomena, and contains review, analysis, and modelling of cutting-edge research in solar and stellar science.

Tue 19 Sep 2023, 06:59

Dr Dmitrii Kolotkov is awarded the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Post Doctoral Prize in Physics

for his work on 'Coronal seismology by slow waves in non-adiabatic conditions'.

Mon 12 Jun 2023, 13:27

Amani Zalzali has successfully defended her PhD thesis

Congratulations to Amani Zalzali, who has successfully defended her PhD thesis, supervised by Richard Dendy and Sandra Chapman, on

'Simulation of ion cyclotron emission from energetic ions in DIII-D tokamak plasmas'. Amani now works in the Theory Group at General Atomics, San Diego.

Tue 18 Apr 2023, 17:03

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