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Congratulations to Rebecca Meadowcroft who won Warwick Physics 2024 PhD Poster Prize!

Sat 18 May 2024, 05:14 | Tags: Prize

Congratulations to Yu Zhong with the MSc thesis

Yu Zhong 's MSc thesis "Observational Study of Super-exponential Decay in Kink Oscillations of Coronal Loops" is recommended to pass with minor corrections. The MSc project was supervised by Val Nakariakov, and the examiners were Dr Anne-Marie Broomhall and Prof David Jess (QUB). Well done!

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 11:41

Susumu Matsumoto has successfully passed his MSc thesis

Susumu Matsumoto has under the supervision of Dr Erwin Verwichte completed their MSc thesis entitled "Analysis of oscillations and thermal limit cycles in coronal bright points". The examiners were Dr Anne-Marie Broomhall and Prof Huw Morgan (Aberystwyth). Well done!

Thu 08 Feb 2024, 16:52 | Tags: promotion

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