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CFSA Seminar program

CFSA Seminars are currently being held online on MS Teams at 15:00 on a Monday. Everyone is welcome to attend so please let me know if you would like access to the team.

If you are interested in giving a talk then please contact A-M.Broomhall (at)

You can subscribe to the mailing list announcing these seminars here.

Past seminars can be found Here.

Organised Events

This calendar's schedule is empty.

Past events

2016: RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting Modern data analysis in solar physics: progress in the automated analysis of solar features and their dynamics (RAS 8 Jan, organisers: Morton, Northumbria & Verwichte)

2014: IOP/Physics Day Synergy between Solar and Tokamak plasma Theory (Warwick 5 Feb, IOP plasma physics committee, CCFE & Verwichte)

2012: STFC Advanced Summer School in Solar Physics (Warwick 2-7 Sep, course director Verwichte)

CCPP Workshop: Algorithms, Performance and Accuracy in Gyrokinetic Codes (Warwick 23 Aug)

IOP Computational Plasma Physics conference (Brighton 5-7 Sep)

2010: RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting

2009: IOP Plasma Physics Conference

2005: PPARC Introductory Course in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics