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Undergraduate Summer Projects

Each year a small number of vacation projects are available to our students. For more information on the scheme please visit Vacation Projects in Physics

The CFSA is applies in February for scholarships directed at 3rd year undergraduates at Warwick who are pursuing a 4-year Physics or Maths-Physics degree. Those who may be interested in pursuing a PhD in plasma physics (fusion, solar physics, space physics) after their degree are particularly encouraged to apply.

Projects for Summer 2013

Preliminary interest to supervise a UG Summer project has been expressed by:
Dr Bogdan Hnat
Please contact directly a potential supervisor.

Projects for Summer 2012

  • Dynamics of solar prominences
    Anthony Shaw working with Dr. Claire Foullon (Warwick URSS, Physics)
  • Instabilities in Solar Coronal Mass Ejections
    Stephanie Yardley working with Dr. Claire Foullon (RAS, Warwick URSS)
  • Laser profile optimisation for shock ignition fusion power
    David Jenkins working with Prof. Tony Arber
  • Structure in Warm Dense Matter
    John Ross working with Dr. Dirk Gericke

Projects for Summer 2009

  • A virtual plasma wave laboratory
    working with Dr. Erwin Verwichte
  • A systematic analysis of transverse loop oscillations in the corona of the Sun
    working with Dr. Erwin Verwichte

Projects for Summer 2008

  • Including Quantum Mechanics into a Classical Description of Strongly Correlated Plasmas
    Matthew Pusey working with Dr. Dirk Gericke (Physics)
  • Simulations and Phase Transitions in Fusion like Plasmas
    John Wallbank working with Dr. Dirk Gericke (Warwick URSS)

Projects for Summer 2007